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There are not many things in our world that are really solid.  Life is fleeting, money comes and goes, friends and loved ones are here today and gone tomorrow.  Oddly enough the things we tend to look to for security are the most unreliable things in life.  The world makes us think if we have more money our lives would be solid.  We even look for investments that are solid.  It’s not there.  We really can’t depend on ourselves as a solid source.  Our decision making is faulty and we are misled at times, so we are not solid either. Fact is, the only thing in life that is solid as a rock is Jesus. 

Did you know there is a way to be solid as a rock as a person?  Psalms 125:1 (AMP) reveals that “Those who trust in, lean on,
Central California District Council
2019 Leadership Conference
January 17-19 | Lynwood, CA