Many, though walking with God, are not operating in peace, as we don’t live in this day and time to the levels of spiritual fulfillment in our minds as we should; this affects our spirit since we don’t really grasp what is written.

The Word is not designed just to make you's designed to provide knowledge, wisdom and understanding which are the tools and weapons we have at our disposal to deal with a wicked, corrupt and ungodly world.  A world that is not on our side...a world that could care less whether you get up in the morning or die today. We are in a world that already exists; it’s the kingdom of heaven. 

In the kingdom of heaven we’ve already been given many things; we’ve been given productive ways to think and that’s what this book is about. This book wants to develop how we think as instructed by the teaching of Jesus to develop our character and define who we are in Christ.
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"If you are not ready to confront yourself, change yourself and really understand who "you are"...then put this book down now!  Somehow, God has gifted this teacher/ preacher, Pastor Vanessa with the ability to take her personal life
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